Travel Theme: White

Today, 21st of September, is the International Day of Peace….So, Ailsa´s challenge for this week is «White»…

Here are my contributions…

A white flower…With time, it will be a green bean…

A white fluffy thing..In Spanish is called «abuelito»…They are so fragile….

A white and romantic swan….

A white and full moon……And its wonderful white reflex over the river…

Sometimes, we can find peace for our soul nearer than we think….

If you want to see more on this theme, please, visit

12 comentarios en “Travel Theme: White

    • Dear Canoe&Communications…Thanks a lot…It is the full moon…In Spanish «la luna llena»..I think it is funny…We can learn so many thing thanks to the blog web!!! Have a nice day…

      • Sorry I scared you with that one. But the more you know the better informed you are I think.
        Sorry though. My WHITE post is funny. Go read that and make me feel better.

        • Hi Jo…
          Just finished it…I have to say you were true..1st: the dog is cute!!! 2nd: I did not read the book, very famous in Spain as well…Seems to be it has started a new «literature for women»,….They say on the radio «Did not realize women are happier lately…? This is because they have discovered…bla, bla, bla…» Usually I do not critizise unknown things, but…Well…It is nice to have happy people around, anyway!
          Happy to meet you through the web…

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