Travel Theme: Foliage

This week Ailsa´s challenge is “Foliage”…

It was a good excuse to visit a wonderful centennial beechwood near our house, in Ciñera, León.

I will do later a complete report of the walk but, by the moment, here is my contribution to the challenge…

The jewel of the crown is this beech tree: 500 years old, 23 m high, 6,32 m perimeter…

But beauty is everywhere, even on the small little things…

If you want to see more nice things, please, visit Ailsa´s place:

10 pensamientos en “Travel Theme: Foliage

  1. Beautiful ! The second, third and fourth pictures are oaks but I do not know what tree it is in he last picture … I’ll go visit Ailsa’s backpack to find out…

    • Do not know….The main place is full of beech trees, and then you have oaks, pines, different bushes…And lots of birds….The landscape is wonderful….Pure nature…

    • Thanks a lot!!! I was just inside the tree, between the leaves..And when I saw it….I had to take the pic!!! No photoshop!!! C. said that the “normal” walk takes 1 hour..Except with me…It takes at least 3 hours! But it was such a wonderful place!!!


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