Weekly Photo Challenge: «Foreign»

The photo challenge this week is “Foreign”, in a complete sense: outside our nation, outside our culture, outside our history…Even something that is out of place somehow…

I have been thinking about this, and I agree with most of my colleagues…”Foreign” is an absolutely subjective concept…It depends on one´s  age, one´s experience, one´s cultural background…Things that shocked me when I was younger I look now with a smile on my face…

But…Still….I have  found things that I can label as “foreign” to me…

Taking into consideration I am Spanish….In Spain we do not have to pay attention neither to dromedaries…(seen in Egypt)

…Nor to tortoises…I bet there are some, but not big enough to disturb us when driving out…(seen in Turkey)

…As some of you know, I am Basque…But I have never seen on the walls of my city instructions about how to take care of a gun…(seen in West Jerusalem)

This has nothing no do with me being Spanish… We were in Petra, it was August, it was noon…You can imagine…Almost 47º…! And she appeared like that, even with gloves!! (It was 2010; Michael Jackson was no longer among us…)

…And then, back in Jerusalem, I took this shot from the bus, crossing Mea Shearim…I had the feeling we went back in time some years…

More contributions at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/10/26/weekly-photo-challenge-foreign/

18 comentarios en “Weekly Photo Challenge: «Foreign»

  1. Siempre me ha resultado curioso a la vez que interesante lo que nos asombra, sorprende etc.. de otras culturas, sobre todo aquellas cosas con las que en nuestro vida cotidiana no vivimos, caso de la señal de dromedarios y tortugas.
    A modo de anécdota la fotografía de la señal del dromedario me ha recordado un chiste bastante malo:
    ¿Por qué llevas un plátano en la oreja?
    Para espantar a los cocodrilos
    Pero si aquí no hay cocodrilos
    Porque llevo un plátano en la oreja.

    Muchas gracias por está serie “Foreign”
    Un saludo

    • Si quieres que sea sincera….Es bastante malo!!! Claro que teniendo en cuenta que hoy es sábado, O:20 AM….Hasta nos hemos reído y todo!!
      Gracias a ti por bucear entre estas páginas (aunque virtuales! ;))

    • Sí…. En español es «donde fueras, haz lo que vieras»,
      «When in Rome, do as the Romans do»…This is very true…I remember once…I was living in Hebron, Palestine….I had became used to the local way of living and dressing (more or less)…Once, I went to the Old City, and I saw two tourist girls entering the Old City on shorts!!!! I almost fainted!!!! It was not only a security question, but a question of respect as well…

    • Yes indeed…And knowing other cultures, other religions, other languages…It can strike one at first, and then, step by step opens one´s mind and even one´s heart….

    • Yes I know them….Very well known…They were not my favourites because of the political connotations they had…
      I prefered Negu Gorriak…Even though it was conformed by 2 ex-Kortatu among the others, in general I think the music was more elaborated…
      I did not know they were knew in Norway…I know there were many times in South America…

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