Cee´s Fun Photo Challenge: Orange

This challenge has been a bit difficult to me…I went out three days trying to find something orange near by…And, believe it or not, I did not find anything…I came back with a lot of pics about fall…But not what I was looking for, so I decided to dive into my old pics…And, surprise! I found orange….

I have to say NO PHOTOSHOP has been applied to the pictures…..

This is the first one…This summer there were fires everywhere…One of them was not so near (100 km away) but it was so big that the sun turned pink and orange for three days…This is its reflex in the river Bernesga, at 7:00 PM, behind my house…

I really love this pic,…To me is the proof that Nature finds its way to show us its beauty even through the most terrible moments….

Reflection of the Sunset in the Bernesga River, León….

The next one is another sunset…(I love sunsets)…This one at Petra…We were very lucky being almost alone, and the rocks, beautiful by themselves, were even more spectacular at that time of the day…

Sunset at Petra, Jordan…

The third sunset…This time inside of a nice bar, at Tombstone, Az….Because men can  not  live on bread and beauty alone….;) And as we were not on a horse, we were very well served…

Sunset in Tombstone, Az…(;))

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