Photo Story Challenge: Letter «S»

Well…As you can imagine, «S» is the Frizz´s challenge for this week….And, although I know it is Stricking, it has been Sigh who has decided what to post today….

So here it is…

«Sigh Smiling on the Snow!!!»

21 comentarios en “Photo Story Challenge: Letter «S»

  1. Sigh is such a good-looking dog and reminds me a lot of a dog I had in my childhood, Lady. S is also for smile, which comes spontaneously to look at Sigh.Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks a lot!!! She is always smiling, looking for things, waving her tail…She also takes the best part of the bed, wakes me up at six o clock in the morning, barks at other dogs…So…She is great and makes our life happier… (no, we do not have children…)

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