Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

This week I am very lucky with the Weekly Photo Challenge

One of the «good» things about living here is that lately, it has been raining a lot…. So, there is green everywhere!!! Actually, today has been a rainy day up to midday, so I had to stay home for a while before going out…And I found my little green box…

My little green box….

Here are some pics of my wanderings….

Crane and some ducks..Little green around…

The very last green reeds….

Ivy growing on my house…

When I came back home… I thought about dinner….Green would work well…

Green …All green…

As C. was home, looking sad because I was not paying a lot of attention to him, I thought again…;) Some Hendrik´s would work well…

Hendrick´s tea cup…

Looking for  more ideas? Go to http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/11/16/weekly-photo-challenge-green/

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