Sunday Post: Architecture

This week, Jake wants us to think about architecture…Reading his nice words, one line attracted my attention : «Architecture is to building as literature is to the printed word«…And then my mind went to one of the most wonderful places I have ever been:

Le Mont Saint Michael, located in Normandie, France

Being a magical place from the beginning of the times, it was in the VIth century (yes, VI th), when the Bishop of Avranches built there a little church at the request of Archangel Michel…It would be fair to say that He had to work hard trying to convince the Bishop…But, following the legend, after the Archangel made a little hole with His finger on the Bishop´s forehead, everything was solved…

Then, in the Xth  century, Benedictines settled here , and they worked and worked till by the XIIIth century the «Marvel» was finished!..

Work has never stopped here (it was a prison during the French Revolution and had to undergo a major restoration during the XIXth century) and now we can see from preroman crypts to gothic structures, all in one place…

A place chosen to pray, to study and to be close to God…A place that even today is impressive, ascending to the Heavens from the middle of a mountain surrounded by waters…A place where nature and human work join together in defiance of the passage of  time…

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11 comentarios en “Sunday Post: Architecture

  1. It’s one I’d love to visit. On my north east coast we have a an ancient priory, Lindisfarne. It’s much smaller but has a lovely atmosphere. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Your header makes my heart beat faster!

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