Sunday Post: Peaceful

Good day to everybody!!! December is here, and with it, a new challenge from Jake: Peaceful!

Every time I think about «Peaceful» MOTHER NATURE comes to mind..The forest, the river, the sea, the sun…

Of course, there are some who have another concept of «Peaceful»…



What do you think?…Click here and look at more interpretations…


12 comentarios en “Sunday Post: Peaceful

    • Thanks a lot Jo…It is just a tiny leaf coming from inside the river..There is not much water there, I think is growing from the soil, between the stones, and coming out so proud!….

    • Cuando la vi y me asomé me pareció genial…Además, al ser un viejo palacete, era posible sentarse fuera y admirar el paisaje como cuando era una niña..No sé por qué ya ho hacen las ventanas con grandes repechos…:)

    • You are right….Somehow Nature is like a good friend that knows how to listen to your heart, how to keep silent, how to burst into multiple and delicate noises…Or how to show a glow in the right moment to heal your soul…Sometimes we do not realize we have such a treasure so close to us…

  1. beautiful images, all of them. i especially like the open windows with a view, and that beautiful oceanside beach. having eyes to see is such a gift….. thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks a lot for your nice words!!!
      The open window is open to the Loire river, in France…It is a wonderful little chateau…
      The beach is a Basque beach….Wild in winter time, but so calm sometimes in springtime…

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