Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge: Lines(1)

This week Cee´s challenge is about lines…
I have been trying to upload some pics and it has been impossible…Since yesterday evening I have been trying different solutions..Do this, do that, clean your cache, clean your cookies…
But nothing has changed yet… .I hate these situations…I hate computers…I hate…..

Well…At least I think I have discovered a way I can upload ONE single pic…

..In this moment, my forehead and my heart are full of cranky lines..But as I have been busy with all this, I did not have  enough time to make up myself…So forget about a pic of my face…

Still…Here is a pic of some other lines of my property…
my hand

Want to see more?
Go to Cee´s place…And enjoy…

(Sorry Cee….Impossible to upload your badge..I can not even write in colour….)

10 comentarios en “Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge: Lines(1)

    • Now seems to be everything is over…After those problems I lost internet for few days…I feel so bad when these technical issues happen.!.I do not know what to do !!!

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