Sunday Post: Concept

Yesterday I took a picture in my garden…It was a small pink rose, the very last rose…

lastroseI  thought it deserved something special…And I started to play with its image, having in mind Jake´s challenge for this week: «Concept»…

During the XVIII century, a new movement was originated in Europe: Romanticism.

Among other things, free expression was essential to them…So, if I take «Concept» as something thought or imagined…This is my concept of a Romantic Rose,  of a black rose, of a magic rose…

My Concept of a  Romantic Rose…

Romantic Rose

(edited with PicMonkey)

Would like to see more «concepts»? Enter Jake´s page…


11 comentarios en “Sunday Post: Concept

      • Ilargia hi: there was an ad when I opened your post. I copied it and will send it to you by email. It disappeared when I entered my comment. NOt the first time and I noticed this in other blogs. I think that people INSIDE Word Press do not see them, but people from the internet at large who run into the WP blogs do. Bye.

        • Hi Vera!!!
          Thanks a lot!!!
          Lamento haber tardado tanto en contestar, pero esta semana ha sido caótica…Odio ordenadores, conexiones de internet,….cuando no funcionan, porque no sé qué hacer…

          • Ilargia… Lo mismo aqui’. Y tambièn [también?] cambian las cosas y no se comprende como…

    • Muchas gracias!!! Hace falta un poco de magia en este mundo….Y un poco de romanticismo también…Y perdón por haber tardado tanto en contestar, pero los ordenadores y las conexiones internet se han sublevado estos días y casi pierdo la batalla!

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