Photo Story Challenge: letter «X»

Yes, I know, I know….It is quite late, but, still, I have two hours to answer to Frizz´s challenge about «X» letter…Hope my page will work….
Here is my little «X» story….
I have a Border Collie…She is smart…So smart that, when I played 2 weeks ago with her and some stones at the river….She did not only catch the stones…But swallowed one!!!!
I had to call right on the moment to the vet…We had to cross the forest, quickly, quickly, …And, in the mean time, I blamed myself thousand times and I promised to God to be a good girl a hundred more…
At the end we were lucky…

                                                 Sigh «X-ray»…The arrow marks the stone…

The stone was quite small…(I was sure it was big big,,,,)
The only thing I had to do is to take care of her p…
I did…For 5 days I took care of her poops…And of her appetite…She was eating and p..correctly…So, although I did not see anything solid, the vet told me last week everything should be ok…
……..                               » But, please, do not play with stones again!!!!!»

15 comentarios en “Photo Story Challenge: letter «X»

    • Ya está bien …:)
      La pobre no se enteró de nada…Pero fue un stress…Todo el tiempo con guantes, recogiendo las caq…, observando si comía o no…Porque si no la expulsaba había que operarla…Al parecer hay perros que terminan con necrosis intestinal y la operación es muy grave…

  1. oh, how scary! i am happy that Sigh is ok. and how cool that you asked God to help. i am quite sure he liked to help you with your puppy – puppy rather than dog because when they are in an emergency, they seem so smaller somehow – whether you made promises or not 🙂
    bless you both! 😀
    this actually reminds me of the time when my then 2-year old great-nephew swallowed a screw. that turned out fine, too.

    • Yes indeed!!!! And then, when we commented that to our friends, they were telling us terrible histories…Seems to be dogs are able to eat almost anything they find on their way…

  2. X-ray of your dog: he will survive, maybe will make a big poop some day – the tooth in the lungs of my wife will stay, thanks to the silly dentist – I hope my wife will not have a big fever again …

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