Letter «C»: Two Cute Close(?) Colleages in a Snowy Day…

This week I rejoin Frizz challenge with the letter «C»!

And I will take the opportunity to present you our new guest: Neo.

Neo is another Border Collie…He came into our lifes three weeks ago…You already know Sigh…She is pretty, and intelligent, and sweet..But she is not dog-friendly…We were really worried about that…May be she did not know she was a dog? May be she was trying to protect us from the other dogs? May be she was taking care of her «sheep»?…
Talking to her breeder, we decided the solution could come in form of another dog , one she already knew from the time she was a puppy…And we decided to try…So Neo came…
And here we are….
I have to say that at the beginning Sigh was not very happy about having Neo all the time near by…
Every morning she was looking at him, like thinking. «What in the Earth is doing this dog here again??!!!»
Every stick was HER stick…Every toy was HER toy….Alpha (C.) and Beta (me) we were HERS…
But time is a big master, and I think she is starting to realize she IS a dog…And that it is really cool to have a good colleage to play with…


Well….More or less….

Close colleages?

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22 comentarios en “Letter «C»: Two Cute Close(?) Colleages in a Snowy Day…

  1. Ilargia they’re going to be wonderful together – already playing together like that. Just remember they’re like children (and some big people too) and need to feel they’re special – my girls come to me now to tell me when they consider it’s time for a bit of she and me time, and at last, the other doesn’t get jealous (well, mostly) and interrupt.

    I love your photographs – all of them – and admire you all, playing in the snow 🙂

    • Thanks a lot M.!!! Still I am not very sure about keeping Neo forever or just «on holidays» from time to time…But when he looks at me with those eyes…Even Sigh is starting to interact with him …He is a saint! Calm, noble, quiet, patient…If there is a dog able to cope with her that is HIM!
      Thanks as well for your words on my pics!

  2. Que bueno que Sigh ya esta acostumbrando a Neo. Todo con tiempo.
    We brought a Chichuahua into our home years ago, that was inherited from my husband’s grandmother; our «big» dog (German Shepherd, Setter mix), Colitas, wasn’t too happy about that at first. But they became inseperable, the best of friends over the years.

  3. That «puppy» will get to be pretty big, by the look of him now…
    then you will have two (2) shepherds shepherding you…eh eh. Lovely dogs and so intelligent !

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