Who is more photogenic?

Well….This year it is incredible! It is snowing, snowing, and snowing…
Like a lot of people, I like snow, when it is white and like cream…
Sigh as well….She gets absolutely crazy, like a little child…She can not stay at home, she puts her nose everywhere, she eats tons of white snow…
Neo..Neo is another story…He goes out just two seconds, does what he has to do in front of the door and sneakes himself inside of the house again…
But, somehow, at the end we are able to reach an agreement…So there we go, happy together…And I promise you they do smile all the way long!!!

Here I leave you, with some pics from Yesterday and Today….


Sigh and Neo


28 comentarios en “Who is more photogenic?

  1. Who is more photogenic? My answer – yes! 😀
    They are both beautiful. There was a border collie in my childhood one summer and they have been a favourite dog to me ever since. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks a lot Elizz…I do not know why, but they really pose! And Sigh knows perfectly how to behave when I am taking pics to other things…She has a lot of patience!

    • Well…On a flat you have a very good dog…:)
      Still, it is hard to have two big ones…My sister in law has a nice forest behind the house, so she opens the door and her dogs go there…But in my house we have a garden, and I have to clean it everyday, I have to clean the wood floor everytime they come into the house…Still…I would feel so lonely without them! They are great!

  2. Ohh, they are gorgeous, both of them!! I LOVE border collies, I have one too. A boy, Filip 7 1/2 years. He was a puppy until he was about 7 years… lol… He is a beauty too. And eats tons of snow… 😉
    Have a lovely weekend!

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