Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colours…

I like this challenge….I am a bit tired of cold and grey weather…

Some sparks of light and colour!

1-Bazar turco

Would like more colours? Go to Cee´s page

17 comentarios en “Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colours…

    • Thanks a lot Cee…I shot many pics of cows in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain…They are everywhere, they have become an identity sign of the region… Full of colours,with hearts and big smiles…Mugs, note books, T-shirts, aprons…I love them as well!!!

  1. If the smiling cow is a symbol of Asturies, where is the Owl from? He’s gorgeous!

    PS I’m just catching up on all your marvellous posts – the funny on the road post, and Aleppo’s magnificent stepped bridge particularly. For some reason I can’t tell you I liked them cause I’m unable to get the like button to load (very slow connection, even at 5 in the morning!). 🙂

    • Hi M!
      Do not worry! I understand you! I am myself in more or less the same situation…
      Thanks for your words.. I have to say I do not know about the owl, but I saw many…
      And answering to your next question…Well….C. wants him to stay with us…Still discussing the situation, but….I will tell you at the end…
      What about you? Everything almost ready?
      Big hug from rainy Spain!

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