Cultures and Lights

When standing at home
or travelling around…
When reading a book
or just watching the dawn…
Open your mind and your arms…
Open your heart and your eyes…
Open yourself
to cultures and lights…
Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

In answer to Weekly Photo Challenge (Culture) and to Ailsa´s Challenge (Light)


Miguel Ángel Otero Soliño en 2013/04/28 en 22:32 dijo:Editar

I like your pictures, especially the first one both of them are good, but the first picture I think that is Suleymaniye mosque and the second one is the new mosque in Eminonu . I dont see the blue mosque in your pictures

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    • The Blue Mosque is absolutely beautiful, outside and inside! The whole city has something special…I have been very lucky..I have been there 3 times, without political problems, all doors open to everybody….

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  2. That first shot is magnificent, Ilargia – just enough ambient light to give the building definition and yet dark enough for the drama of the lights and their golden magic on the dome and minarets. I’ll hop back later in the week to catch up properly – just taking a stress break 🙂

  3. That’s a great response to the challenge. I love the quote, and Istanbul is just magical. We arrived by ship the first time we visited and were berthed just down from your second photo. But that first image is wonderful.

    • I am glad you like it!!! I absolutely agree with you…Last time I arrived by car and we were inside a traffic jam for almost 50 minutes…But once we put our feet outside the hotel the city showed all its power!!!

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