«He liked her; it was as simple as that»

Nicholas Sparks, «The last song»

In answer to Jake´s challenge: «Attraction» …Click on the attractive snake to see more..

17 comentarios en “Attraction

  1. wonderful picture that to me exemplifies the enduring nature of love and attraction in an uncertain potentially dangerous world – brava Ilargia !

    • Thanks a lot Vera!!! Actually it was something like that…We were crossing NYC after X-mas…We were in the middle of that traffic jam, in the George Washington bridge…I was taking pics of the sunset over the city and then, I saw this young man, holding the lady´s hand, and they just stopped there…And, somehow, I knew what will happen…And I took the pic…They did not care about the traffic, about the noise, about the sunset., about the rest of the world….They just cared about themselves!!! That is love…That means there is a hope!

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