A surrealistic dream…

I had a dream…

I was a leg

Looking from above

Hanging on a blue slide

With no place to hide…

I wanted to run…

I tried to scream…

But…Where was my head?

I did not have one!!!!!!

I was a leg...

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18 pensamientos en “A surrealistic dream…

  1. Absolutely creepy. I wonder what came first, the photo or the poem?

    This seems like a dream I would have, and I chalk it up to an overactive mind. Lol.

    • The photo came first…I found the mannequin one day, …I liked it very much, and since then I keep it at home…I went with it to the forest and I took strange pics…C. was worried,…What people from the village will think?
      From time to time I edit one, depending on my mood…And then, I look for the words to come…:)


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