Yes!!! It is time to smile!!!!…..(or not???)

I have been feeling a bit blue lately…

Spring is very strange this year…

I think it is getting lost…

One day is near by and the next one seems to be far away…

I am longing for sun, sun and sun…

So,  we (that is : Sigh, Neo and me) we have decided to go out and to look for small clues…And , at the same time, answer to Cee´s weekly challenge:  «The season of Spring»…

Hey!!!…..Did you see??? As Neo and Sigh would say…

«It is time to smile….


…It is Springtime!!!!


Click on the badge to keep looking for it!


22 comentarios en “Yes!!! It is time to smile!!!!…..(or not???)

  1. Ah, such sweet grass dotted with all those pretty wild flowers – no wonder Neo and Sigh are smiling! Don’t be impatient – enjoy this glorious tentative season with the same immediacy as the dogs 🙂

    • Ha, ha, ha….You and Meredith are great!!!! In fact, when I go after them, it always surprises me how happy they look, even if we take always the same way…They put their noses everywhere, they find the same sticks , the same flowers, the same river..And it is always a big party!!! I think we should admire what surround us with children´s eyes and pet´s eyes a bit more!

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