Today in London…

All of you that follow my blog for sure have noticed I never make any statement about news across the world, about politics, about religion….

But, today….Today I have seen the most awful and sickening thing in my life…A man was standing in front of a camara, bloodied hands with a machete and a knife, saying he had to kill somebody, saying eye for eye, tooth for tooth, saying he was sorry women had to see this, but women in their land had to see that every day..

And all of this was in London…!!!!

Are we crazy? How is it posible somebody can kill someone with a machete in the middle of our cities, and he is even filmed after?

What is that crap about some assessin just being in front of a camera, with bloodied hands, like if he had been killing a pig in the middle of the village, just patronizing us about what we have to do and how sorry about giving that spectacle to «your women?»

Who is he to threaten all of us????

I am a woman…I am not English, but Basque..I have been living in the middle of two different war.conflicts…And I think I have never felt myself so attacked and sickened as today, looking at the TV news…

Terrorism is awful, but barbarie is worse…

24 comentarios en “Today in London…

  1. That’s exactly what these sick, crazy people want…publicity, and all the news people go for it. It makes me sick that the murderers have their picture on the news and then on the Internet for days. I say, fine, report the news, but don’t show those sick people’s faces. Ever! Anywhere.

    • You are wright! Thay are sick and they have found a way of spraying their sickness, anger and madness…Tv and Internet are like magnifying mirrows they use for their own sake..

  2. Thank you for posting this. I worry a lot about the world that my grandchildren – only two – maybe it is a blessing that I do not have more – I worry about what world they will live in. It is mad and more than mad – it is horrid – I did not see that piece of news and I do not want to. Thank you for denouncing it in well chosen words.
    Un beso, Vera

    • World is getting crazy…Or may be is that now we can see all the horrow that is going on it in few minutes…I would like the news will be so effective showing the nice things people are doing for their fellows as well…Because I firmly believe there are very nice people out there as well!!

    • And then we have to discuss about the morality of showing this kind of people… I want to know the fact, but I do not want a lunatic justifying his action…He can try that in front of the court if he wants to…That man was threatening everybody, his mouth dry after the shot of adrenaline, bloodied hands and a corpse near by…I tell you M! I was shocked!!!

      • We had that debate here, oh, years ago, after a bad bomb blast in Colombo when the papers and TV showed graphic pictures. It was tremendous to see how quickly people responded, reviling the papers and the TV stations particularly and it’s never happened again. As you say, the courtroom is the place for that. I suppose the only good thing is they know exactly who he is and he won’t be roaming the streets today.

        • No…They were two and both of them were injured by the pólice who arrived later on…Now they are in different hospitals…
          That debate goes on every time there is a disaster…What struck me was that awful way of saying «yes, we did it, we will do it again, you deserve it and nobody is going to be safe,…» It was so unreal….

  3. I wantched the news about that yesterday! What a horrible thing! It was so surreal watching that part – it felt more like a movie then a news story. Sadly, this is the world that we live in. 😦

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