Here I am…And Here is my Horse…

Hello everybody!!!! I am back from Holidays…And here is my first post…An answer to Frizz´s challenge «HHH»….And, what a coincidence!!! I have got  a HORSE!!!!

It is not any horse, but a real Andalusian Horse, from the Cordoba Monumental Royal Stables, founded in 1570 by Philip II…




Cordoba and Granada are two of the places I have been visiting these days, so I suppose I will post more pictures from these wonderful places, full of history and art…:)

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17 comentarios en “Here I am…And Here is my Horse…

  1. … que maravillas de caballos que tienes en Epaña…. que imagenes que me hacen soñar — forgive my broken Spanish, I have nobody to speak it with. But such horses are worth of only the beautiful language of Spain, no other will do …

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