A word, a Masterpiece: Arch

Mihrab Mezquita de CórdobaMihrab de la Mezquita de Córdoba

Its present appearance comes from the X century, under the reign of Al-Hakam II. It is the first time the Mihrab is conceived as a little room and not as a mere niche indicating the Kaaba direction in Mecca.

It is covered by riche Byzantine mosaics sent to Cordoba by the emperor Constantino VII…May be you can appreciate better its beauty in the color version….

Mihrab Mezquita de Cordoba 2

In answer to Sue Ellen´s «A Word A Week Challenge: Arch»

20 comentarios en “A word, a Masterpiece: Arch

    • It is so beautiful!!!! I was there this summer….40 degrees in August!!(our por Border Collies were…) It is full of art and life, small streets, «terracitas», good drink and good food!… May is a great time, because all the «patios» (patios full of flowers and with fountains) are open to public…

    • It is true!!!! But before it was the way to show the World the political , economic or religious power…And artists devoted their whole lives to accomplish their duties…And, somehow, it is fascinant to admire the sensibility of these men, so far in time, but so close to our souls…

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