TS: Me and You…

Today is Thursday…That means Thursday´s Special, hosted by Paula…

It is something special…A non-challenge challenge…And  I never know in advance what I am going to find on my walks for it,….If anything!

Today, I have been lucky…


“We should meet in another life,

we should meet in air, me and you”

Sylvia Plath

15 pensamientos en “TS: Me and You…

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    • Thanks a lot Chris!!! The place was full…I only had to choose the most beautiful ones….(I have to say Sigh and Neo helped me a lot to find them! )

    • That is what I thought M.!!! They were like flowers that had become alive and then, they had frozen ,…Who knows what is going on on the forests at night..!!!!! 🙂

  2. a deadly pair – we ‘d meet in another life after ingesting these fabulous forms. Brilliant capture for TS

  3. Perfect capture! These are very hard to photograph, one day the are very premature, and the next day they are all gone… But yours are perfect!!


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