My Colour….(WPC)

This week Cheri wants us to self analize…To make an exercise of introspective analysis and to come out with the color that reveals more about us…And to show it to the rest of the world, of course :)…

I remember reading in a book of Oliver Sacks a case about a man who was suffering from achromatopsia…He was able to see the world only in black and white…It was quite shocking to me, specially when he described the moments he had to eat…. Sometimes we do not realize how fortunate we are!!!!

We are used to see the yellow bananas, the red fire, the orange´s orange, the green lawn growing slowly in springtime…

And, if I had to choose one, I would choose the blue..Blue from the sky…Blue from the sea…Peaceful blue…


The Mediterranean Sea. Torrevieja. Spain

Have a nice and colorful weekend!

17 comentarios en “My Colour….(WPC)

  1. Me gusta mucho la fotografía en blanco y negro, pero no quiero ni imaginarme a ese hombre viendo la vida de sólo estos dos colores.
    Yo coincido contigo: mi color también es el azul.
    ¡Bellas imágenes! Gracias por compartirlas.
    Un abrazo,

  2. Your blue photos charm and enchant me Ilargia! thank you for letting me see my beloved Mediterranean that is so far, far away from here.

  3. Hola ! Buen Domingo !
    You know that blue is also my «hue»… Just see my sentence in the header. 😉
    I find myself in your last words 🙂
    Hasta luego !

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