QQQ Challenge….? Street Quote!!!

Today is raining….It is windy…It is an Autumn day…

But…I had to go out with Sigh and Neo as every other day…. Now , I understand the meaning of the sentence: «Hace un día de perros»…Because only people with dogs are out taking a nice walk!!!

So, we went out…And we came back….And I had to take off ALL my clothes….(yes, all!!!)…May be I should explain here that Sigh and Neo hate umbrellas!!!

Did it upset me? Not at all!!! I did it, I dried Sigh and Neo with the hair dryer, and I took a cold beer from the bridge that I am just drinking now…

And here comes my contribution to Frizz´s challenge:

Are you having a bad day? Is someone pushing you? Are you sad? Don´t you know how do you feel?…The Street has the answer…

«Anarchy and cold beer!»


Have a nice day!

24 comentarios en “QQQ Challenge….? Street Quote!!!

  1. Miles refuses to go for walks in the rain and I actually like walking in the rain. But it’s been really windy here and we’ve had the park to ourselves so he’s been able to go off lead and play fetch. having a dog helps keep me in shape and each day, not matter what, I have to go outside and walk him.

    Love the graffiti–not sure I get the message but it’s neat to see.

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