So many R´s….!!!

This week Frizz reaches the RRR….And Sigh, Neo and I, we are very happy….Here is our contribution to the challenge…Just a Result from our last walk, this Sunday…

Ready? Right paw on the air!!!


And now…Running like mad!!!! Ey! but take care what are you Running through!

Sometimes the emotion is so big….

…That they seem to Rise from the Road like a star…Look at Neo!!!

Rising like a moon!

So…It is Right to say we had a great day!!!

We finished Really dirty…But we are in the middle of the Rainy season!!!!

Look at these  wonderful Reflections!

Reflection after a rainy day!

Hope you enjoyed!!!


30 comentarios en “So many R´s….!!!

  1. So playful and cheerful 🙂 Me imagino que tuviste mucho trabajo limpiando al regresar a casa 😀 Me encanta la ultima toma, Ilargia, pero me gustan todas.

  2. That last photo Ilargia is ‘impagabile’ we would say in Italy. Impagabile. It looks like it is coming out of some other time-frame or a parallel universe … fantastic rendition! v.

    • It is said they have the intelligence of a child of 4-5 years…Sometimes is very tiring, but others is really a challenge!!! They only lack the capability of talking!!!! 🙂 Thanks a lot!

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  4. Today is The Girls’ birthday – and here you are posting your two wonderful dogs – how luky you are to have them, and to watch their delight at ploughing through puddles. Fantastic series, Ilargia 🙂

        • Great!!!! I am a disaster>!!!Children from the compound were just here asking for sweets, and I did not have any…As Spanish, I did not have this when I was a child…Now is everywhere, but I always fail to think about it! May be next year!!! 🙂

          • We don’t do it here either, though some families with kids are getting into it in the ‘suburbs’. I’d have been totally flummoxed and would have turned mean, handing out a trick instead! Moonyean was talking about The Girls’ birthday treats – something yummy, I hope, for my greedy girls 🙂

  5. you made me smile with:
    «…Running like mad!!!!
    Ey! but take care
    what are you Running through!»
    a sentence, too complicated for
    a dog’s state of mind!

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