Shadows in La Alhambra

«A human being is only breath and shadow»


Shadows in La Alhambra

…Specially when admiring La Alhambra, in Granada….

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19 comentarios en “Shadows in La Alhambra

    • My God!!!! Thanks a lot Amy…I think the whole compound is just wonderful, but there are places that can pick not only the beauty, but also the feeling that provoques it…May be here one can see how people is absolutely raptured when getting lost into the beauty, the history, the art…

        • You can not miss it! You need to get the ticket in advance (3 or 2 weeks…)..Try to choose a time with not a lot of people…The most beautiful part is on timetable…The rest you don´t have limitation of time…We took 3 o clock…It was hot, but not a lot of people at the same time…Our group was only of 30 people or something like that…When we left, the group waiting at the entrance was much bigger!!!

          • Thank you so much for the advises! What time were you there to avoid the crowd? Is May a good time?

          • I had to take three o clock ….. I was there in August!!! (I need to advise you: it was almost 37 degrees!!!) May should be nice…And as you need to do it through the main official page you can see how many people are at any time…(we were late, but do not worry…Once there is also posible to book in Granada in one official building every hotel knows) with 2 or 3 days in advance: less hours, but not problem in general…) And I went to Cordoba as well…If you can, you should not miss it: people say May is one of the best months!!!!

          • Thank you for the wonderful information! three o clock in the afternoon is the hot time of the day! We like to see Cordoba since it’s close… We might join a tour since we don’t speak Spanish 🙂

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