When we were Young and Happy….

When we were young and happy

We did not have that much…

Just the sun, the sea, the sand and the moon

and our hearts full of dreams…

But we were feeling so rich!!

Now we still have the sun and the moon…

Even the sea sometimes…

But our hearts are empy…

They drained with each beat through the years…

«Too late, too late, too late…»

Should we trust them?

Is there a time for dreams?


Torrevieja, one week ago…

(click on the picture to feel it better! )

In answer to Paula´s Thursday Special and to Cee´s Fun Foto, Two

Have a great day!

16 comentarios en “When we were Young and Happy….

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  3. Beautiful poem and photo, Ilargia. 🙂 I love the twinkling waters and the children’s silhoutte. So much difference that years make onone’s perspective.

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