WPC: «Window»

This week Cheri proposes us to look for Windows…

Windows as doors to the outside Word…To hidden memories…To old dreams…

I , like all of you, have admired many windows in my life…And I have peered through a lot of them…
But I love this one…Simple, old and without any glass left…But humble as it was, it offered to us all the beauty and hope of a new day that was beginning…

«All the Windows of my heart I open to the day»
John Greenleaf Whittier

16 comentarios en “WPC: «Window»

    • Thanks a lot Amy! It was taken in Córdoba…And Córdoba is full of wonderful Windows…But ,somehow, this is the one I love the most…As I said, it shows a new day without any filter….

    • Thanks a lot Chris….We were leaving the town at dawn…It was near our hotel, but we had neved paid attention to that old building…Till the last moment…How many times we have beauty in front of us and we do not realize, busy trying to find out the higgest thing, the famous spot, the well known building…

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