«Ready for Sochi….»

Yesterday we went skiing….Well….My C. went skiing….

Meanwhile, I had almost four hours to take pictures…

I love this one….It is simple, but full of meaning to me, as an outsider…If you click on it, you can discover many many things… 🙂

«People». San Isidro, León.


27 comentarios en “«Ready for Sochi….»

    • I like that Freddy!
      I see your point…All those people, full of colours, without any fear to gravity, just sliding in such an easy way… White everywhere, ..
      I am not able to ski..I am so afraid! I really admire them! 🙂

    • Muchas gracias!!! No te creas…Tuve tiempo de hacer muchísimas..Sobreexpuesta, subespuesta, normal….Al final tuve un momento de pánico, porque se empezó a estropear la cámara, creo que por el frio….Pero todo terminó bien! 🙂
      Me alegro de que te guste…Yo también creo que es divertida y liviana, y por eso me gusta! 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks a lot!!!! I know it is different but, somehow, it is like art…We are all very small and tiny when compared to the inmensity of the Nature and of the World!

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