Different Point of View for a Landscape…

«Old shoe found in the forest with a reflection«

Old shoe found in the forest with a reflection

A Wordless Wednesday that suits Frizz «D» challenge….

19 comentarios en “Different Point of View for a Landscape…

    • :)…I was with my two bestias, and Sigh found it…I had to shoot at least 13 photographies, because it was windy…But, at the end, I got windless photography…:) :)…

  1. A long time ago a prince lost his shoe in the forest while he went looking for the fair maiden. Grass will grow in the shoe-sole until he finds her…

    • 🙂 ❤
      May be you should write tales for children using some pics for inspiration….!!!!
      Thanks a lot Vera…I think it is the most beautiful comment I have EVER received!!!!

    • You mean the other point of view? 🙂 It is the normal one I shot when walking with my bestias…Nothing I normally post now..(I did at the very beginning, when my blog was more about writing and my walks with Sigh…) 🙂

        • Ha ha ha…That is one of the misteries of forests….Yes..There was only one…I have never think about that, but now I am doing it, I realize that almost everytime I find shoes or socks or even stockings it is only one…Like if somebody had left in a rush…I also wonder…

    • Thanks a lot!!! Actually I was looking down because the path was full of mud and stones, and I was with my two Border Collies!!! And, then, yes, it was a reflection and I thought it could be a good pic…It took a lot of minutes, but at the end, I was able to catch it…My two «bestias» were patiently waiting for me, sniffing it from time to time trying to see what was so special!!! 🙂

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