» The Eyes of the Night…»

My dear all….
Saint Valentine´s Day is coming..Slowly, but is coming….
And I am getting into the mood…May be because I am a bit far from my C. (I am again by the Mediterranean Coast! I should not complain… 🙂 )
Today I went walking, and I do not know why, but every bench was occupied by couples…And you can trust me when I say that I have seen more children, cats, puppies and lovers than anytime here!
So I took pictures, of course..And then, while looking at them, I decided to do something different…
It has little hearts, like a wink to the day that is approaching…
And it has a childish atmosphere..
I really think you should click the image to feel it better… Hope you like it!!

«The Eyes of the Night» . Torrevieja
"The Eyes of the Night..."

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17 comentarios en “» The Eyes of the Night…»

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  2. Feliciitaciones! It’s interesting, Ilargia – I think the magic you’ve wrought with the post production effects really has enhanced the emotional depth of what I suspect was an already fine photograph – interesting because I don’t normally like post production fiddling – but I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here. 🙂

    • Many many thanks M.!!! 🙂
      From time to time I like postproducing..When I want to add a magical or fairy tale like appearance….I think I am starting to feel the need to write again…
      I am glad you like it!!! 🙂

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