I Will Keep Flying….

Dear all…

Today is my second anniversary in WordPress, and they sent me a note to remember it…

I have to say I am very grateful…To them and to all of you….Because there is something magical about the fact of knowing that there are people on the other side that care for one person, for his/her poems, thoughts, drawings, pictures…

«Thanks for flying with us»… I like this ..To me opening a post is like opening a new book…I can have an idea about what I am going to find but then, almost always, it is much better…: I can close my eyes, and fly towards that person that has tried her/his best to share something important with us,…I can feel the pain, the adventure, the lonely path that is following, the happiness of being with a family or with a wonderful pet…The ups and downs of a professional career or of a new hobby…

I know that many  things are happening in the World, much more important that our little worries…But we should not dismiss these important moments we are sharing here…Because if they are able to cheer up our hearts may be after we can put one smile in other´s faces…And, at the end, everything is part of a big chain….

Because of that….Thanks  to all of you for flying with me

"Thanks for flying with me..."

I took this pic this morning and I think it is perfect!!!


«Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light»

Albert Schweitzer



34 comentarios en “I Will Keep Flying….

    • Thanks a lot Sonel…I was thinking about you also while writing my post…Sometimes it was hard for you, but at the end I saw in the comments you get a lot of love as well…
      Hugs back!

  1. Oh, thank YOU Ilargia, for your great images, and your always so nice and encouraging words!
    I’m sorry for being away for a while, but it has been a dreadfully boring weather here and I just felt that I had to do something else, not relating to photography. So I looooooong for the spring and sunshine to come back now…
    Happy Anniversary! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Marie!!!! I understand you…Winter is always so long!!! And so dark!!!
      But may be it is because of that we are so happy when light comes!!! Today, when walking with my dogs, I saw suddently some little violet flowers appearing among the mud…And I was so happy…I almost could smell springtime!!! (I know it is not posible, but it was a magical moment!!! 🙂 🙂 )

      • That is so great to hear, then maybe spring can come up here in Sweden too, soon… I actually has some buds of Christmas Rose (Helleborus) in my garden, I hope it will make it to flower…
        In middle of March, I’m going to pick up and bring home a new little puppy girl, a Sheltie, so I’m longing for spring in more than one way… 😉

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