«One Hundred and One….»

When I was very very young, I had to read at the school «Jonathan Livingstone Seagull»..

And I think it is because of that I like seagulls…I can spend hours just looking at them on the beach…

I remember as a real shock when somebody told me once that seagulls can be very aggressive, and they can even mutilate sick sailors if hungry enough!!!

I prefer to keep my old and childish idea about them…I like watching them gliding on a current of air, enjoying that moment…I like to see them on their own, looking at the sea, as if they were thinking about far, far away places…I enjoy when they allow themselves to be carried away by the whim of the Sea…

I took this pic during Christmas…It was early in the morning, and they were getting ready for a new day…A lot of racket and noise filled the air…And I think it was the man who was out of place…
"One hundred and one..."

What do you think?

23 comentarios en “«One Hundred and One….»

  1. I can hear the noise, Ilargia, and smell that sharp tangy air – and though I go along with your romantic observations of individual birds soaring on air currents and bobbing gently on the waves – I’m glad that man’s not carrying a pail of fish as he walks among them that morning! Fantastic shot 🙂

  2. i too enjoy observing (and photographing) seagulls! what a brilliant click. i think the man actually adds some perspective and contrast to the image. one walking compared to many flying. two different worlds colliding in one moment. thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely photo. Seagulls at a distance are nice. But if I’m eating fish and chips at the beach and a swarm of seagulls sees me, I prefer to run for my life (I blame Alfred Hitchcock movies).

  4. I love seagulls as well despite their indiscriminate eating habits (They’ll eat anything!) and the very real possibiilty of being a victim of one of their droppings if you’re not careful. The way in which they glide about and dive in the water is really a wonder to behold.

  5. LOVE!!! 😀
    I love seagulls, to me they are pure and happy FREEDOM!! I want to be a seagull in my next life!
    I remember «Jonathan Livingston Seagull» too, and I remember the music, it was fantastic too. Do you remeber hearing it? I don’t know if it belonged to the story, or if it was a group who did it, but it was as a soudtrack. And great! Must have a look if I can find it…

    • Glad you like it Marie!!!
      Somebody told me it was Neil Diamond who was singing the song…May be you can check that…I did not remember it, but now it sounds a ring… 🙂

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