Frizz´s «L»: «Under the light…»

This week Frizz´s challenge is «L«…
I have been thinking…And may be it could be nice to pay my respects to the light, being so important in photography!
I hope you like this pic…I took it in one side street in Cairo, quite far from the touristic routes…

«Under the light…»

"Under the light..."

  «Wherever there is light, one can photograph»

Alfred Stieglitz


28 comentarios en “Frizz´s «L»: «Under the light…»

  1. ”Wherever there is light, one can photograph” Alfred Stieglitz – you realized this manifest perfectly! My wife, a professional photographer, hates to use a flash light, always searches for available light.

    • I am glad you like it M.!!! As I said to Angeline, side streets are usually great spots full of hidden treasures!!!
      My kitty? In Torrevieja…By the sea…I loved him, or she….I thought it would be nice to change the header!! 🙂

  2. light is ever present and easily overlooked and not clearly understood- you’ve made the best of the light here though

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