«The greatest glow of happiness…»

«When we recall the past, we usually find that it is the simplest things-not the great occassions-that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness…»

Bob Hope

Happy together

When I saw this mother with her two children walking by the sea, my memories went back to my own childhood…I can not remember when I saw the sea for the first time in my life, but I remember having my mom near by…I also remember (how funny!) she knew I liked big hats, like one of the little children of the photograph…And that I enjoyed (and still I do!) playing and getting dirty with the sand…
I absolutely agree with the Hope´s quote…Happy moments glow in our minds…And, usually, they are made of simple things, colours, textures, smells… May be full of meaning only for us..And for all of those who love us!
Dedicated to all the Mums of the world…And in answer to Ailsa´s Travel Theme: «Glow»

Have a great weekend!

12 comentarios en “«The greatest glow of happiness…»

    • Muchas gracias Santi…Era justo a última hora de la tarde, con el sol reflejándose en el mar…La tomé directamente en Blanco y negro y la verdad es que quedó genial…

    • It is true I need to take a lot of care, but I can not help that….I love sunsets and contrasts…And I do not feel I am disturbing people when I shoot that way…That is something that always worries me…

  1. This really touched me Ilargia because some of my best memories of childhood are also tied to beaches and the sea – I can still feel the light sand – like prickly needles – blown by the wind into my legs as we walked … wonderful post.

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