«Earth laughs in flowers…»

This is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that I think  suits perfectly this photograph I took yesterday in the forest behind our house…

I do not know if I told you I have a new camera…This one seems to have a soul…A soul that likes to connect with other souls of (apparently) inanimate things..It is the camera who leads me towards the beautiful little things that are around me, sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes just a glint between  leaves,,,

Here I leave you with these flowers…You will tell me if you think the quote suits it! 🙂

"Earth laughs in flowers.."

I absolutely recommend to click on the image!
Have a great weekend everybody!


25 comentarios en “«Earth laughs in flowers…»

    • Es que esto está lleno de amapolas…Amapolas, flores amarillas y blancas (que no sé su nombre), y lavanda…Dentro de poco empezaré con la lavanda… 🙂
      Me alegro de que te guste!
      Buen finde!

  1. Between you and that new camera of yours we’re spending a lot more time low down and getting such other worldly views of the beauty that’s around you – lovingly laughing with flowers. Another to drool over shot, Ilargia. 🙂

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