Unexpected: My Golden Butterfly…

Today Ailsa´s challenge is: «Unexpected».. ..

And I am glad…Because something unexpected happened to me yesterday, while playing with a picture I took last week…

This is the original pic…

Blue butterfly

And this is what I got….

"My Gold Butterfly..."

 Life is full of expected and unexpected moments…Some  are black…Some are grey….And some more are vivid, warm and full of light…

And all of them are ours…

All of them  are part of that Odyssey that is our passage through the world….

Let´s face them…

Let´s be brave…

Let´s smile to life!





38 comentarios en “Unexpected: My Golden Butterfly…

  1. I saw the original picture in one post, so the second one is a pleasant surprise. Wow! It made a beautiful design – embossed just like that, on a stationery, or a wall print.

    • Thanks a lot L.D! It happens the same to me…And also I have the problem that I do everything in a very instinctive way…I do not keep records or something like that…That way is difficult to have again the same effect!!! 😦

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