«Fairy like…»

Dear all!

Yesterday I went out with my two «bestias» (Sigh and Neo), to the forest, like every morning…And I found a wonderful flower I had never seen…
As it was new to me, I tried several angles…
This one I love…What do you think?

"Fairy like..."
Deep of field is a wonderful tool to create moody atmospheres….If you want to learn about it, you should visit http://blog.mjfimages.com/2014/06/09/weekly-foto-talk-depth-of-field-i/

Enjoy and remember: Magic is around us!

20 comentarios en “«Fairy like…»

  1. Beautiful. Your depth of field and ‘boke’ are very well done. This looks like the flower of the acanthus – a number of field flowers have this lovely configuration. I would say it is some kind of thistle. Ciau. V.

      • … not to worry… I cannot rest until I find out the name of everything I see… in my family they think I am a little crazy that way, but at my age I have the time to do it. A couple of weeks ago It took me 2 hours of internet to find what something was. It turned out to be a type of willow – called Salix nigra – that grows in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas… As a result, last I was able to identify a local tree as a type of willow too, but I do not yet have the Latin name….

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