WPC: “Silhouettes”

“Running against the Sunlight…” (Torrevieja)

"Running against the Sunlight..."
What can you tell me?
It is just a silhouette…
I see…What else?
It is a boy…It is running…
There is a sea behind….

And you….What can you tell me?
I can feel the strengh…The youth…
I can feel the happiness….
It is a boy…
Running against the sunlight…

In answer to WPC challenge: “Silhouette”
Sometimes there is more to see…

39 pensamientos en “WPC: “Silhouettes”

    • Such a beautiful comment M.!!!! I love taking this kind of shots with the sea …You are right…There is such a Little difference among sea and sky…Both of them are big big big…Infinite….And full of light and mystery…Both of them influence our lifes more than we can imagine…

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    • Imelda!!!! I am very glad I have come back….I have now tons and tons of pics and some adventures to share with all of you!!!!
      Glad you like it!!! 🙂

    • Oh Rose!!!! That sounds a Little sad….Well…I was feeling more free when I was younger as well….But I truly believe that freedom is also part of a feeling…Inside your heart and your mind…You have to look for that Little seed and take care of it, day by day…
      Big hug…

    • Thanks a lot Tish….It is what WPC says…Silhouettes allow us to catch magic moments, full of movement and mystery…
      I am really glad you like it!!! ❤

    • Thanks a lot C.!!!!! The sun, the sea, sparkles everywhere….I think summer is beautiful…!!! Big hug to you and your 4 leg family!!! (and the 2 leg´s as well! 🙂 =

  2. Such a stunning capture. The innocence of a child. So beautiful. Love the shot and poem Ilargia. Great post. ♥ Hugs ♥

    • So happy Laura!!!! Thanks thanks a lot!!!! The Sea is sometimes absolutely magical under the Sun!!! I think this is one of the reasons I love photography…It allows you to have a new approach to the everyday things… 🙂


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