WPC: » Endurance…»

This weekend the WPC proposed is «Endurance»…

I was looking through the dictionary to find a kind of inspiration, but it was not till I found this quote by William Barclay…

«Endurance is not the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory»

…that I realized I had the correct photograph and some words that could express what «Endurance» means to me…

«Sunset in Solitude…»

Sunset in Solitude...«And here I am

Waiting for the Future…

Daring for its Light…

Sitting among the darkness of my Present

And the ghosts of my Past…»

I have chosen the Black and White version…If you would like to see the color one you can visit my 500 px page..

Have a great weekend and check WPC page to see more wonderful interpretations…



29 comentarios en “WPC: » Endurance…»

    • Thanks a lot Ese…I am glad you like it!!! Yes..It has a certain atmosphere of mystery,…:) The woman is sitting there, in that point between present, past and future…Can be a mountain, can be in front of the sea..Who knows???
      Have a great weekend!

    • I am very glad you like it Janet…Yes..This one has a lot of editing, but I am quite happy with the result..Did you have a look to the color versión?
      Thanks again!

  1. An absolutely stunning capture Ilargia! In Black and White and colour. Love them both. Great entry for the challenge hon. 😀

    • Many thanks Fred!!! I am happy you find it mysterious….It is one of the goals…That way it can provoque different feelings on each person that look at it…
      And thanks a lot for having a look to the other one!
      Have a great weekend!

    • Oh TIna!!!! I feel really flattered!!!! So happy you like it!!!! What I most like about it is the feeling that provoques…It is very funny, but depending on one´s mood, one can find it very sad, or may be full of hope…. 🙂

    • 🙂 🙂 Thanks a lot Vibha!!!! I am glad you like it!!!! Following the idea of Charles de Lint…Many different ways of looking at the world , united through the blogsphere….It is a kind of magic!!!
      Read you tomorrow…! 🙂

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