Mont Saint-Michel (B&W Tuesday…)


If you are thinking about travelling to France, here is one of the most wonderful places you should visit: Mont Saint-Michel, in Normandy…
Although inhabited long before, the first monastery was built in the 8th century, «following instructions» of the Archangel Michael..
Seems to be he instructed the bishop of Avranches to build a church on the island…But the bishop did not pay a lot of attention…He repeated the instruction…The bishop ignored it…At the end, the Archangel got tired and angry and «…burned a hole in the bishop´s skull with his finger»..It was the year 708…And it was mostly finished by the end of the 13th century…
The village on the South Side grew up during the Middle Age, surrounded by walls that dated mostly from the Hundred Years War…
Being impressive from the distance, you can not miss the visit…All the history and magic of the place stays between its walls, that have seen everything along the years…Religion, siege, hunger, pain, punishment, death, mysticism…
Just take an audioguide..Forget about time and get lost in the History…

Mont Saint-Michel…

"Mont Saint-Michel"

17 comentarios en “Mont Saint-Michel (B&W Tuesday…)

    • Ha ha ha!!! 🙂 🙂
      It always surprises me how bad tempered they look like!!!
      Have you ever been there? It is a wonderful place, …You can smell History everywhere!!!

    • You are very welcome….The whole history of the place is great…It was under siege 30 years during the XIV th century and , during the French Revolution, was converted in a prison…But this one about its origin is so cool….!!!! 🙂 🙂

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