«The Swedish Chef! «

This week WordPress Photo Challenge  is nice….»Refraction!!»…

So, as I am enjoying cooking a lot these last weeks, I have decided to mix photography and cooking…Both of them are arts somehow, aren´t they? 🙂

No, do not worry…I am not going to post a nice and yummy piece of cake…

Just  my kitchen timer!!!!

"The Swedish Chef..."

Through a very nice glass of wine….

Who needs anything else? Food, photography, good wine and C.near by!!!

BTW: C. says my timer looks like the Swedish Chef….

Did you see «The Muppets» when you were young?

Have a great week!

22 comentarios en “«The Swedish Chef! «

  1. how fun! i actually grew up without TV (although it had already been invented) because my parents wanted my bro and me to enjoy reading and practice the piano. however googling has allowed me to meet the muppet character. there is definitely a resemblance! thanks for sharing

    • I am happy!!!!
      I was reading a lot a lot as well…Everynight I used a torch under my sheets to read… 🙂 Now I wear contact lenses….But I will never do anything else…:)

      • haha, that reminds me of reading in bed as a kid too – by the light of the street lamps outside. using a flashlight would have probably been a smarter idea. i used to wear contact lenses too but have switched back to glasses a number of years ago. memories….

    • It is right Tina!!! 🙂 🙂
      But I do not know what is happening with me…I am spending now my spare time cooking and with photography… May be it is age???? 🙂 🙂 But I really LOVED the MUppets when I was younger…Even now, I can not hide a smile everytime I listen to «Mahna mahna…» 🙂 🙂

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