Fall´s refraction…

This evening I have been out with my camera…

C. arrived quite early and went running with the two “bestias” , so I was able to wander around looking for the fall´s light in the small things of the forest….

I was lucky….So, here is my second entry for this week´s WPC: “Refraction“…

"Fall´s light"
«In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous»

17 comentarios en “Fall´s refraction…

    • Thanks a lot L.D!!!! I was taking pics for almost one hour, more or less on the same spot…Sometimes kneeling, sometimes on tiptops…Just trying to catch the sun light…. (I think the villagers think I am a bit crazy… 🙂 )

    • I took the pic yesterday…So, they are just working…And very much, because last week it was raining a lot…
      Actually yesterday, while taking photographs, I saw a big one…I killed her..And , suddently, it was like an explosión and many many many of small ones spreaded everywhere…Seems to be it was a mother spider…It was a terrible moment!!!!! For an instant I felt so so guilty!!!!

      • Non, non, non… «y faut» pas tuer les araignées!
        They’re good people. Kill mosquitos, flies. And here in Mexico we have scorpions in the house, which the spiders kill too. Or sometimes the other way round. «Anyways» I prefer spiders to scorpions in the house! 🙂

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