Photo 101: Landmark…

My sense of orientation is very very bad.-..But I can manage quite well if I am able to identify some landmarks…

This is one the first I used when I arrived to this city..It is located just in the middle of the city, so it was very handy!!!

It is called «La negrilla»…That means «Little black woman», but seems to be «el negrillo» was also a kind of tree very common in these part of the country that dissapeared some time ago…So it is a  tribute to it…

La negrilla. León.
.La Negrilla. Plaza de Santo Domingo. León.

Autor: Amancio González

7 comentarios en “Photo 101: Landmark…

  1. Fascinating photo, but rather a disturbing landmark in its human form. It must surely make all passersby stop and wonder. In the UK we’d probably have health and safety issues with its position on the street 🙂

    • Ha ha ha!!!!
      I read that once a car hit it and affected it a bit ….The authorities took it off and after repairing it was situated on the same spot…But looking towards the contrary cardinal point…
      If we are talking about being naked…Ha ha …That is another issue….He represents and old tree, fighting for its life…The open hand represents the last buds, looking for the Sun, fighting for life…The other one has the fingers looking at the Earth but far from it…It is like the struggle of the roots of the tree….They want to be on earth, but they are far away..They are dying slowly….
      I think if you look at the statue under the artist´s eyes, it is a beautiful one…. 🙂

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