WPC: Angular…

Ok….I would say this is what «Angular» means to me…

I really love this bridge….I could have been here for hours and hours…

"Puente del Milenio"

«Puente del Milenio» Orense. Galicia. España


What do you think??


15 comentarios en “WPC: Angular…

    • Many many thanks Amy…I love this place…It is the first time I am in a smalll city and there are so many things to shoot at!!!! 🙂 🙂
      Just in front is the Roman Bridge, with Roman Foundations and mainly reconstructed in 1230 …This MIllenium one was built to liberate from traffic the Roman One…So imagine!!!!

  1. How interesting. Definitely made me stop and have a long look. So, It’s taking me a quite a while to make out the bridge, but I kind of like having to study and search for it.
    I really like what you’ve done with this picture.

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