Photo101: Treasure

After a week off, I am here again…With a nice challenge: Treasure

I have decided to post again about something I found few days ago in Ourense, Galicia,  in the North of Spain… The Chapel of the Cristo Crucificado, probably, the most beautiful place I have been to this year,  inside of Ourense´s Cathedral…

The Chapel is from the XVI century, baroque, and the Christ has a wonderful history…He was brought to Ourense from Finisterre, where he was found floating on the Ocean´s waters, in 1342!!!!

His hair and beard are made of real hair, and change from time to time…

Please, click on the images to admire it better…

Capilla Cristo Crucificado Capilla Cristo Crucificado II

…If you happen to go to this part of the country, may be doing the Camino de Santiago, do not forget Ourense…: It is a hidden gem, and there are only 120 km between the two cities!

Have a great day!

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