This week WPC is “Intricate”

Intricate…Can you think about something more intricate than our deep feelings and desires?  But that is difficult to photograph…. 🙂 🙂

So, I was thinking and thinking…Quite intricate our thoughts as well… 😉

Out I went, with my “bestias”… And voilà! Forest was full of intricate patterns….

Some of them too obvious… Like the tree branches playing together, dancing with the wind…

But some of them more subtle… Look at this…

Isn´t it Intricate?

Have a good weekend everybody


5 pensamientos en ““Intricate…”

    • That is something that sometimes surprises me! But I spend so many hours there I have developped a kind of “eye” to find a sort of “fairy world” in the little corners and humble things……


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