This is my first post after quite a long time…. And I am really happy the WPC has chosen this subject, «Landscape«, because  I was working yesterday on this photograph from our Christmas holidays…

I have been looking for answers to some questions… One of them related to my photographic style… I was very worried, because I was feeling I was losing the track and, at the same time, wasting my time…

I have spent a lot of time working, reading, looking at other´s works… And I think I am nearer to what I would like to do than before…

I must say I have missed all of you… I hope you are still there, and I hope you would like this….



Monument Valley, Utah






31 comentarios en “«Nostalgia»

    • Dear Vera! Hope you are doing well!!!
      Many many thanks! Yes, that is the effect I was looking for, may be because it is related to a lot of adventures I saw on cinema when I was young!!! (as Equinoxio already pointed out!! 🙂 🙂 )

  1. Bienvenida. Welcome back. A very good picture. That place has been seen in so many movies, yet you manage to give it a different «twist».
    Y el título va perfecto. Le hubiera gustado a Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne y muchos otros.
    Buen fin

  2. So beautiful. Brings back memories of a trip with 3 others that included Utah, but we didn’t make it here. We did go to Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, both the south and north rims of the Grand Canyon, and more. Loved it! But I obviously missed something. It was long before I got a digital camera but I remember our adventures well. Thanks for sharing this wonderful image and welcome back! Just beginning a short hiatus tomorrow myself, but I will return. 🙂

    • Happy you like it!!! We did Page (AZ) with the Antelope Canyon, low and High, ; we also went to see the Horseshoe, but I was UNABLE to make any pic…Too high for me and I was scared to death… And we finished in MOnument Valley, sleeping inside of the park… Imagine! That was the view from our window!!! We were in general not lucky with the weather so I can not imagine the beauty of those places with great weather!!!
      Enjoy a lot and read you when you come back!!! 🙂

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