«Shaken River»

This week  WPC proposes a nice challenge: turn the familiar into something abstract… I have chosen this pic: it is my river, a very sunny day….


I only had to put on an ND filter, take it with long exposure and shake the camera a little bit…et voilà!

Have a very good weekend!


BTW: I have some problems with the blog.. I do not receive e mail notifications.. Do you?



12 comentarios en “«Shaken River»

  1. Ilargia: it is a WP problem to stop receiving notifications. It is happening to me too and others. What I do is go back to the blogs I want to follow and click ‘follow’ again. In some cases first I have to ‘unfollow’ . But I do not know how to do it in a global manner . I do it one at a time. Maybe somebody has a better solution…

  2. this is a great interpretation of the challenge. very cool click – and the black & white format makes it seem like an antique photo…
    yes, there seems to be a WP challenge about no longer receiving notifications. i agree with the suggestion of vera ersilia – unfollowing and then following those posts which you would like to follow. i also do this one at a time. you may receive notification of them in your reader gonig forward. however i have found that not all notifications are in the reader, either. the best thing to do in order not to miss a post is to bookmark the blogs you want to follow, and then go looking from time to time to see if there is a new post or not.
    i have no better solution to offer either. but maybe somebody else does 🙂

    • I do not understand why they do it in such a complicate way!!! Alas! I will try to follow everybody step by step ….
      Hope spring time arrived to your place…Here has been raining for ages!!!!!

  3. I receive selected e mail notifications. I’m not sure who selects them. I don’t have all the blog I follow on my reader either. I try to search blog I haven’t seen to ensure I visit once in a while.
    Your photograph has a mysterious veil. I like it very much. Well done …
    Isadora 😎

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