“WPC: Detail”

This week the WPC is about “Detail”....

I have been looking for something a little bit special…. Then, I found this quote:

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail” (Giorgio Armani)

And I wonder… Do you think this mosquito knows Giorgio Armani? I am not sure about that, but what is sure is that he is paying a lot of attention to his work (I presume it is a male, … Do not ask me why! 😉


I call him “The Pharaon” because he looks like one of them, doesn´t he?

Have a great week!!!!



11 pensamientos en ““WPC: Detail”

  1. Beautiful! The lights are incredible.How the insect could stand on top of the grass and droplet at the same time. What a stunning sight and capture!

    • I was lying on the floor and taking pictures, and I saw the insect, so I tried somo shots on it… But when I saw it on the screen I also found it incredible!!! He was oving the droplet very carefully with some legs ans standing with others… Now we know they really use them!!!!
      I am glad you like it!!!


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